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Posted on: November 19, 2009 8:07 am

Iverson to take McNabbs spot on the Eagles

Ever since Allen Iverson packed up his guitar case and left Memphis, the cyberspace has been buzzing about his next potential landing spot. "The Sixers should sign him to fill seats," people excitingly regurgitated. Would it be entertaining? Sure, but I'd rather not see Iverson further tarnish his legacy while wearing a Sixers jersey. That's just my opinion.

Bob Ford has come up with an idea we can all surely get behind: Andy Reid should bring the future NBA Hall of Famer and former quarterback from Newport News, Virginia to play in Eagles green.

I'll admit it, the premise made me laugh, but Ford uses the goofy idea to bash Andy Reid, Joe Banner, and company for their smarter-than-you-are mentality (I'd pay a dollar to watch Andy Reid play Bill Belichick in a game of Connect Four):There is nothing, after all, that Andy Reid and the front office likes better than being smarter than everyone else. Here's another chance to prove that, when it comes to deep thinking, this franchise makes Stephen Hawking look like Norv Turner. These guys don't just think outside the box at One NovaCare Way. They don't even recognize the box. The box says boring things like, "You should really run the ball against the Oakland Raiders." Anybody with a whistle and a mail-order coaching certificate can do that. Where's the thrill?

And you do have to hand it to them. This Michael Vick thing has been everything they promised - with the possible exception of, well, everything. Here is a nice scenario for you: Vick, McNabb and Iverson all in the wildcat formation. The opposing team would be more confused than Andy Reid inside the redzone.

Ford goes on to tear down the decision to bring Vick in and says that Iverson would be even more electrifying taking snaps.

I think it's a fantastic idea and fully advocate the prospect of bringing Iverson in to play some quarterback for the Eagles. Only if he gets the Brian Westbrook treatment though, where he only has to show up on Sunday's for the game.

Everyone knows he'd be allergic to the NovaCare Complex. Something about practice.

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